Salmon eggs


Sourced chiefly from Alaska, our salmon caviar is from the “Chum no. 1” or “Keta” species. Salmon caviar is prized for its color, ranging from pale to bright orange, as well as for its subtle but intense flavor, to delight discerning gourmets everywhere. The entire import process is controlled in order to guarantee that salmon caviar products are always of the same flawless quality.


Origin: ALASKA – USA

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Storage temperature: max +4°C

Ingredients : Salmon eggs (fish) 97,2%, sel 2,8%

TASTE: Lots of flavor, slightly pronounced

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g  
Énergie 250 kcal-1046,7 kj
Matière grasse 14g
Dont AG saturées 3,5g
Glucides 0g
Dont sucres 0g
Protéines 32g
Sel 2,8g