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About us

Black diamond in Persian


Black Almas, meaning black diamond in Persian, was created out of its owner’s desire to present the richness of the world’s famous delicacy, by offering a wide palette of caviars of the highest quality at the best prices.

Based in Paris, France, Mahdi Kazemi created Black Almas in 2013 .

Our caviars are selected from the best sources in the world. We also carry a range of delicious fish eggs and smoked salmon.


When one wants the best, Black Almas caviars, the ultimate perfection …

Voir nos produits

Black Almas
It was in 2013 that Mahdi Kazemi founded the Black Almas company based in Paris, France.

Chef Stéphane Gatumel
As a chef, I have had the opportunity to use a lot of different caviars in my menus.

The BLACK ALMAS caviar
We also offer a range of delicious fish roe as well as gift boxes.